Credit transfers for foreign higher education

If you have completed some higher education and passed the courses, or have the equivalent professional experience, you are entitled to have the credits transferred for studies at another higher education institution (HEI).

If you have foreign higher education and wish to continue studying in Sweden, consult the HEI at which you wish to study for information about how to apply for a credit transfer from your foreign course or programme.

If you wish to continue studying at Master’s level, it is the HEI that makes decisions regarding eligibility and admissions.

Applications and more information at

If the HEI needs help in evaluating your foreign education, you can refer them to UHR. You do not need to take a statement from UHR to the HEI in order to transfer the credits from your studies.

List of all higher education institutions and independent higher education providers

Request a written reply from the HEI

A formal application for credit transfer is often only possible after you have been admitted to a course or programme. When you have applied for a credit transfer, it is important that you request a written reply from the HEI. This should also include information about how to appeal the decision.

Rules that govern credit transfers

It is the HEI at which you wish to study that decides whether you can transfer the credits from your studies or not. The HEI does this on the basis of the rules relating to credit transfers in the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 6, Sections 6-8, and the Lisbon Recognition Convention.

To the Higher Education Ordinance (the Government Offices of Sweden’s database of laws and statutes)

Read about the Lisbon Recognition Convention

HEIs have also agreed on a number of principles relating to credit transfers. These are compiled in the form of recommendations from the Association of Swedish Higher Education. They emphasise how important it is that students can transfer the credits from courses and provides guidelines for this should be done.

Last updated: 28 April 2023