International exchanges and partnerships

The funding programmes at the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) provide pre-schools, schools, higher education institutions, businesses, organisations and individuals opportunities to organise and take part in international cooperation in the fields of education and skills development, as well as individual exchange opportunities for traineeships and studies. 

International exchanges for the entire education sector

UHR facilitates a number of different programmes that offer organisations and individuals in the Swedish education sector s and exchange projects. The objective of international activities is to help increase the quality of education in Sweden.

Our programmes are funded by the European Commission, the Nordic Council

Our programmes


Atlas is the Swedish government's programme for educational cooperation between Sweden and the rest of the world outside EU/EEA. Pre-schools, schools, vocational training and organisations in adult education can apply for grants for mutual exchanges, and internships abroad.

Atlas Partnerships

Atlas Partnership promotes the development of a school’s international contacts. The programme provides the opportunity to use internationalisation as a tool for development and target fulfilment. For example, this could be development issues linked to national or regional investments, such as continuing professional development for teachers to help pupils achieve the objectives of the curriculum or qualification.

More about Atlas Partnerships, in Swedish

Atlas Vocational Training

Vocational Training provides Swedish pupils and students with the opportunity to take part in a foreign placement. This provides opportunities for professional development, cultural exchange and increased linguistic proficiency.

In addition to developing the student’s knowledge, a foreign placement also promotes the school’s or organisation’s internationalisation. A project within Vocational Training must be part of realising the internationalisation objectives in curricula and governing documents.

More about Atlas Vocational Training, in Swedish

Atlas Planning

Atlas Planning provides a foundation for continued cooperation between a Swedish and foreign organisation using a partnership or placement. Planning trips must be on the basis of an identified need for development and there must be an ambition to develop long-term international cooperation. Planning may take place in Sweden or a partner country, depending on the type of planning trip.

More about Atlas Planning, in Swedish


Erasmus+ is the European Union’s programme to support education and training in Europe, through indiviual mobility or partnerships.

The programme offers organisations the opportunity to apply for grants to develop and strengthen skills and operations together with colleagues in other countries.

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Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers' programme for cooperation between the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as Åland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Through Nordplus, organisations within the entire field of education can apply for grants for various types of exchanges and collaborations. 
More information in English  Nordplus - Nordplus ( 

Last updated: 23 April 2024