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Euroguidance Sweden provides information and further training for guidance counsellors who require information on studying and training opportunities abroad. We facilitate international exchange and cooperation between guidance services and inform the Swedish guidance community about European developments in lifelong guidance.

Hosted by the Swedish Council for Higher Education

Euroguidance Sweden is hosted by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, (Universitets- och högskolerådet, UHR), an autonomous public authority under the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research. UHR act as the National Agency for The Erasmus+ programme and administrate many other international programmes and activities, along with some Swedish initiatives.

Member of the Euroguidance Network

Euroguidance Sweden is also an active member of the transnational Euroguidance network. The network serves and supports 34 countries and their resource centres in order to develop an international dimension in guidance. Currently, Euroguidance Sweden acts as chair of the Network´s Steering Group

At the Euroguidance network website you can find contact information to all centres. There you can also access the network's newsletter:

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Guidance in Sweden 

Find out more about Sweden's guidance system, research and training:

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Information about Sweden in general can be found on the official website:

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Services to the Guidance Community

Experts and practitioners in the field of guidance who have questions about education and/or guidance in Sweden or are interested in knowing more about the activities of the Swedish Euroguidance centre are welcome to contact us by e-mail:

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Last updated: 21 October 2020