Your digital recognition statement

UHR’s recognition statement is a digitally certified document sent to the applicant’s email address.

The recognition statement is issued as an electronic document with digital certification, not as a paper product. To prove the document is authentic and issued by UHR, a certified document blue bar with signature details is displayed.

It is possible to open the recognition statement in any PDF reader, but the certified document blue bar is only visible in Adobe Acrobat on a computer. The blue bar is not visible in mobile phones or tablets.

Picture of the certified document blue bar

Save your recognition statement

The recognition statement is an officially issued document of value; you will only receive one original. You should download and save your recognition statement in a safe place.

You can upload your recognition statement digitally when you apply for a job or studies. When you upload the document, the official signature from UHR is included. If you print out the recognition statement, note that the blue bar is not included; the paper document can only be considered an uncertified copy.

Printout if you don’t have an email address

If you don’t have an email address or have a protected identity, a printout of the digital recognition statement will be sent to you by regular mail. The original will remain digitally at UHR; you can only request printed copies of the document.

Original education documents returned

If you’ve submitted original documents to us, they’ll be returned to you by registered mail. Registered mail means the documents are sent to the local postal agent for the address you reported in your application. You can pick them up there after confirming your identity. You’ll receive a message from your postal agent when your letter has arrived for pick up.  

Without documents

If you’ve applied for a description of your foreign education because you’re missing some or all of your education documents, you’ll also receive a PDF file with digital certification instead of a paper document.

Last updated: 25 November 2019