Recognition information for EU citizens

Welcome to the Swedish Council for Higher Education! We assume you're here because you have questions about qualifications recognition in Sweden. Find out what you need to know as an EU citizen.

Are you interested in working in Sweden and have foreign qualifications? The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) is responsible for the recognition process. You have a few options if you wish to find out what your foreign qualification compares to in the Swedish education system.

Try out the Qualifications Assessment Tool

The Qualifications Assessment Tool is a digital self-service that lets you know right away what your foreign qualification compares to in Sweden. We suggest you start here! The service contains over 700 qualifications from 50 different countries.

When you've found your qualification and Swedish comparison, you can download a PDF document explaining the comparison. Use this document when applying for jobs in Sweden so that employers can better understand your previous education.

Go to the Qualifications Assessment Tool

My qualification isn't available in the web service

This is not a problem. You can apply for a review of your foreign qualifications from UHR. Your education documents will be assessed by a credential evaluator. As a result, you'll receive a recognition statement. You can use this recognition statement when applying for a job in Sweden. The employer will get a better understanding of how your qualification compares to a Swedish qualification. 

The application process is free. The recognition statement is provided as a PDF document and is digitally certified.

Find out more about the online application

What about regulated professions?

Some education and training leads to a regulated profession. Some examples are doctors, teachers and pharmacists. In order to work in your profession in another country, your education and training must be formally recognised by the responsible public authority. This often involves authorisation or licensing.

We've provided a list of regulated professions in Sweden with information about what authority to contact for formal recognition

Find out more about regulated professions and competent authorities

Find out more about regulated professions from the Assistance Centre

I'm actually interested in studying in Sweden

The Swedish Council for Higher Education is also responsible for admission to university studies. You have a few options, depending on where you are with your study plans and the level you wish to study.

I've completed my upper secondary studies and am ready to apply to a bachelor's programme

If you have a good idea what you're interested in studying, the best thing is to apply for courses and programmes directly at Your foreign upper secondary studies will be assessed during the application process.

Find out more about the admission process at

I've completed my upper secondary studies but I'm not sure if I have everything I need to meet the eligibility requirements for bachelor's studies in Sweden

If you've completed your upper secondary studies but aren't sure if you meet the entry requirements, you can apply for an assessment of your studies. After you've submitted your education documents, the recognition department will let you know what entry requirements your studies fulfill. You can then compare this to the requirements of the courses and programmes you're interested in to see what's missing. 

Find out more about applying for an assessment

I've completed a bachelor's degree and wish to apply for master's studies

You should apply for studies directly at Your previous education will be assessed during the application process. 

There is no process by which you can find out beforehand if your previous education meets the entry requirements. It's up to you to find out what's required. Previous bachelor's studies are only assessed when a person has applied for admission.

Find out more about the admission process at

How does the Swedish education system work?

When moving to a new country - for work or for studies - it's helpful to know how the education system works there. We've provided an information page as well as an interactive graph that explains and compares the different qualifications.

Find out more about the Swedish education system

Find out more about qualifications using an interactive graph

What if I have questions about recognition?

We'd be glad to answer them for you! You can always start by seeing if your question is in our Frequently Asked Questions. If not, send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Find out more at the FAQ

Send an email to the recognition office

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Last updated: 28 April 2023