Nais – coordination of targeted study support

Nais is a national administration and information system for coordination of targeted study support at higher education institutions.

In the Nais system, students with a long-term disability can apply for targeted study support when studying at a Swedish higher education institution (HEI). Examples of targeted study support are note-taking support, mentor support or adjustments at examinations.

The Nais system also supports the coordinators’ work when handling the applications for targeted study support and when administering the study support at the HEI:s.

Personal data and applications stored in the Nais system are protected. Each higher education institution can only access the information about the students at their own HEI.

If you are a student and have questions about your application for study support, please get in touch with the higher education institution where you are studying or will study. On the websites of all HEI:s you will find more information and contact details.

If you have questions related to technical aspects of the Nais system, please contact Christine Claesson (system manager),

Last updated: 8 December 2022